Mommy Makeover Package

Mommy Makeover Package

The Mommy Makeover is a multi-procedure package for mothers who would like to improve the look of their body overall, after especially giving multiple births. Based on the condition of your needs, the package can be tailored for your needs but in general, it includes 3 area liposuction, tummy tuck, and breast lift or reduction.

Surgery time:                                    4 - 6 hours

Anesthesia:                                       General Anesthesia

Total Days of Stay in Turkey:           7-10 days

Hospitalization:                                  1-2 nights

Recovery Time:                                  Up to 6 months

Compression Garment:                     Must be worn up to 3+ months


  • Arrival the 1st day, depending on the arrival time, the pre-op tests begin
  • 2nd day, after consultations with your plastic surgeon, you will be taken to the surgery

Mommy Makeover Package Price which includes 3 area liposuction + tummy tuck + breast (cash pricing, if paid via credit card then an additional 18% will be charged) inclused the followıng.

  • Airport pick up and farewell 
  • Examinations and consultations with the doctor (1 day before or the day of the surgery) 
  • 1-2 nights Hospital stay (A companion can stay with the patient free of charge)
  • 6 nights hotel stay
  • Translation services at the Hospital 
  • You can countact us for prıce ınformation.


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