Gastric Bypass Package

Gastric Bypass Package

The gastric bypass surgery is a laparoscopic procedure that reroutes the stomach to the intestines. It is mostly desired by the patients with high BMI, diabetes or chronic diseases.


Surgery time:                                    3-5 hours

Anesthesia:                                        General Anesthesia

Total Days of Stay in Turkey:       4-7 nights

Hospitalization:                                               4-5 nights


  • Arrival the 1st day, depending on the arrival time, the pre-op tests begin
  • Once the pre-op tests finish and you are eligible to have the surgery, you will be taken to endoscopy and then the surgery
  • You will be eligible to walk the same day of your surgery
  • You will see definite improvements 2-3 days after surgery

Gastric Bypass Surgery ıncludes the followıng.


  • Airport pick up and farewell 
  • All pre op tests & examinations (1 day before or the day of the surgery) 
  • Laparoscopic Surgery using FDA approved materials used by our doctors specialized in Bariatric Surgery 
  • 4 nights Hospital stay (A companion can stay with the patient free of charge)
  • Translation services at the Hospital 
  • Dietitian consultancy and a detailed list of how to consume after Gastric Bypass
  • Leakage test
  • CD of your surgery
  • You can contact us for prıce ınformatıon.


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