Gastric Balloon Package

Gastric Balloon Package

The gastric balloon surgery is an endoscopic one where your stomach is placed with the balloon which is filled up with blue water. The idea is to fill up the stomach so that there will be less space in your stomach and you will feel full easily.

Surgery time:                                    30 minutes

Anesthesia:                                        Local Anesthesia

Total Days of Stay in Turkey:       2 nights

Hospitalization:                                               -


  • Arrival day if you are empty in stomach, the endoscopic gastric balloon surgery can be performed
  • You will be eligible to go back to hotel  the same day
  • You will be able to fly back 1-2 days after the gastric balloon placement

There are 2 types of gastric balloons available. The first one is the 6 months MEDSIL Brand Gastric Balloon where the  and equivalent (cash pricing, if paid via credit card then additional 18% will be charged) and the refillable 12 months SPATZ3 Brand Gastric Balloon whose  includes the followıng.

  • Airport pick up and farewell 
  • Endoscopic Gastric Balloon placement
  • Translation services at the Hospital
  • Dietitian consultancy
  • No Hospitalization
  • You can contact us for prıce ınformatıon.


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