Hair Transplant Package

Hair Transplant Package

FUE Technique Hair Transplant up to 5000 grafts in a single session. Please consult to our Medco HealthCo assistants to inquire about how much graft you need.

Surgery time:                                    around 8 hours

Anesthesia:                                        Local Anesthesia

Total Days of Stay in Turkey:       3 nights


  • Arrival the 1st day, Hair Transplantation surgery the 2nd day (no need to stay at the hospital) - operation takes place about 6-8 hours for max 5000 grafts per day
  • Controls and Bandage removal on your 3rd day
  • Final controls and washing of the head 4th day and farewell the same day

Our Hair Transplant Package includes the following:

  • Hair Transplant Surgery Up To 5000 Grafts done in a single session at a Full Equipped ISO Certified  Hospital
  • Simple Blood Test, Medication related to Hair Transplant Surgery, Shampoo, Lotion
  • Bandage Removals and Hair Wash
  • 3 nights stay at a 4* Hotel at the heart of Istanbul
  • 1 session PRP
  • Translation Services at the Hospital
  • You can contact us for prıce ınformatıon.


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