Gamma Knife Package

Gamma Knife Package

The gamma knife procedure is a type of radiation therapy used to treat brain tumors and other diseases of the neck, head, or brain. It is not a traditional surgery because there is no incision. The gamma knife procedure instead focuses on intense beams of gamma rays to treat a wide variety of diseases and disorders that include tumors, vascular disorders, functional diseases, and movement disorders.

Surgery time:                                    30 minutes

Anesthesia:                                        -

Total Days of Stay in Turkey:       7-10 days (Depending on the Gamma Knife sessions needed it may extend)

Hospitalization:                             -

Recovery Time:                             Up to 3+ months


  • Arrival the 1st day, depending on the arrival time, the pre-op tests begin
  • 2nd day, after consultations with the surgeon, you will be taken to the Gamma Knife radiation therapy

 following services are included:

  • Airport pick up and farewell 
  • All pre-op tests & examinations (1 day before or the day of the surgery) 
  • Translation services at the Hospital 


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