Post-Operative Instructions

Post-Operative Instructions

•    You will be provided all medication, shampoo, and lotion related to hair transplantation surgery, use them all until the boxes finish,

•    You will be given an antibiotic to help prevent infection, use them as prescribed,

•    Pain killers: You may take two tablets every 6-8 hours or only if needed,

•    Do not take aspirin or other blood thinners for 3 days after surgery (except if the doctor approves the intake of this drug) as it can thin the blood and cause bleeding,

•    Do not bend over but rather lower your body to pick up things for the first 5 days to prevent facial swelling. Be careful when you get inside the car. Make sure your head does not hit the roof,

•    Do not overeat food because this may cause stomach upset, especially with the drugs you’re receiving during surgery,

•    Do not drink alcohol for 48 hours after the surgery. Alcohol thins the blood and may cause bleeding,
•    Keep the head elevated with two pillows and use a towel roll under your neck to help relieve the pain; make sure that your towels are clean,

•    Lay only on your backside for at least 4 days period, do not sleep on the sides because this may cause blood pressure and swell accordingly,

•    Use your shampoo and lotion every day until you finish. See and apply hair wash instructions,

•    If you have too much and continuous bleeding and over pain, inform us immediately,
•    You can wash your hair 24-48 hours after hair implantation,

•    Do not hit the implanted part of your head for three days following hair implantation. Protect the area of hair implantation from direct sunlight for 15 days. Do not expose your hair to the pool, do not swim,

•    Hair drier is not recommended,

•    Do not use hair spray and gel for 15 days,

•    You may continue exercises/sports after 45 days,

•    You may start to shave your hair in a month, use scissors for the top of your head (where your transplantation has been made)

•    Your hair will start to grow in 1 month period, it is expected that the first hair growth will fall away at first, but later your hair will grow stronger and stronger. You will get the real result in 8 months period.



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